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The Best Electric Leaf Blower

Regularly clearing leaves and other debris from your yard can be a tiring job.

The quickest and easiest way to take care of it is to use the best electric leaf blower.

Our top recommended choice is the Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower.

This powerful unit is great for both big jobs and small. And its variable speed control allows you to easily adjust the airspeed depending on your requirements.

It also functions as a highly-effective leaf vacuum and mulcher.

The Best Electric Leaf Blower At A Glance

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Toro 51621 Ultra Leaf Blower Vacuum

The Toro 51621 UltraPlus is a leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher rolled into one high-performance unit.

It can powerfully move air at speeds of up to 250 mph. With 350 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air displacement when in blow mode. And 410 CFM when you’re using it as a vacuum.

This is enough power to handle almost any job that you’ll need it for around your yard.

It has a variable speed adjuster that gives you an enhanced level of control in both the vac and blower modes. And allows you to use just as much power as you need.

It comes with 2 different tubes, each specifically designed for better performance when blowing or vacuuming wet and dry leaves. And a bottom-zip bag that collects the leaf particles sucked up and shredded when in vac mode.

It successfully reduces 97% of leaves and debris to smaller than ½ an inch as it passes through the metal impeller.

It also comes with a concentrator nozzle that concentrates the power in small areas.

So, are there any drawbacks?

Just one: it’s among the heavier units on our shortlist at 8.9 pounds. Most people won’t have too much problem carrying it, especially for short jobs. But if you know that you tire quickly you might be better off getting one of the lighter models further below.

Another important thing to note is that it doesn’t come with an extension cord. This applies to all the best electric leaf blowers that you can buy. So whatever model you choose, you’ll have to get one yourself.

You need to get a polarized, UL listed (CSA certified in Canada) extension cord. Such as this one here.

Depending on the length of cord you need the manufacturer recommends the following:

25 ft – Minimum of 16 A.W.G. (Wire Gage)
50 ft – Minimum of 16 A.W.G.
100 ft – Minimum of 14 A.W.G.
150 ft – Minimum of 10 A.W.G.

It’s not recommended to use an extension cord greater than 150 ft. in length.

  • Leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher in one unit
  • High powered
  • 250 mph
  • 350 CFM when blowing
  • 410 CFM vacuum
  • Variable speed adjuster
  • Good price to power ratio
  • Oscillating nozzle to blow a wide area if needed
  • One of the heavier electric blowers on our list at 8.9 lbs

DEWALT DWBL700 Electric Leaf Blower


This handheld leaf blower quickly and efficiently powers its way through leaves and debris.

It comes with 3 different nozzles:

The standard round nozzle generates airspeeds of up to 145 mph while moving 409 CFM of air.

And the flat concentrator nozzle gives airspeed a turbo boost up to 189 mph, with air displacement of 288 CFM.

It also comes with a 1 inch round concentrator nozzle that’s useful for clearing out any crevices or small holes at a speed of 210 mph with air displacement of 82 CFM.

The unit has a squeeze trigger that enables you to change the speed as you use it.

The main drawback is similar to the Toro 51621 above. It weighs 9.8 lbs, which makes it the heaviest leaf blower on our shortlist. But it is well-balanced. Even so, some people might find it a little heavy to use for long periods.

  • Powerful leaf blower
  • 145 mph standard nozzle, 189 mph flat nozzle, 210 mph 1-inch nozzle
  • Up to 409 CFM
  • Variable speed control
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • One of the heavier electric leaf blowers at 9.8 lbs

WORX WG520 Corded Electric Leaf Blower


This powerful leaf blower generates airspeeds of up to 110 mph, and air displacement of 600 CFM from its widemouth nozzle. This enables you to clear large areas quickly without needing to pass over them as many times.

It has a speed selector that allows you to select 2 different speeds. A slow speed of 60 mph at 320 CFM that works well for tight corners, pavement, driveways, and patios. And then the top speed of 110 mph for blowing leaves and debris from your lawn.

And it’s one of the best leaf blowers if you want to concentrate the power in a small area as it also comes with an attachable nozzle that helps you to tackle the tougher jobs.

One of the big plus points of this unit is that for the power it has it’s also quite light at 6.4 lbs. And it has an ergonomic design that makes it easier to control with one hand.

  • Good power
  • Up to 110 mph
  • 600 CFM—the highest on our shortlist
  • Light—6.4 lbs
  • Excellent performance to price ratio
  • For big jobs, such as thick carpets of leaves, you might need a more powerful model

BLACK+DECKER BV6000 Vac/Blower/Mulcher

Black & Decker

This product is another 3 in 1 unit. Giving you powerful leaf blowing capability combined with a vacuum and mulcher.

It’s ideal for clearing debris from sidewalks, patios, driveways, garages, and decks with the blower tube. And when you switch to the vacuum tube you can easily suck up twigs, grass clippings, pine needles, and leaves.

Leaves do occasionally get stuck in the suction tube, especially when they are wet and get mulched. And this can clog up the housing and prevent suction. But it’s easy to snap apart, clean out the mess with a screwdriver and put it together again. And doesn’t cost you much time. Just remember to unplug it first.

The motor generates airspeeds out of the tube of 250 mph. Which can be reduced using the 2-speed selector to 180 mph. And the air displacement is up to a maximum of around 400 CFM.

Despite this power, this is a quiet leaf blower. Designed to be approximately 50% less noise than other Black and Decker models. So it’s less likely to disturb your neighbors.

It’s easy to carry around. Although it’s fairly heavy at 8.1 lbs, it does come with a detachable shoulder strap to take the strain off your arm.

The basic unit can also be bought with a gutter attachment, giving you increased functionality.

  • 3 in 1 functionality—blower vac and mulcher
  • Powerful
  • 250 mph
  • 400 CFM
  • Quiet
  • Mulches well, including small twigs
  • Built well with durable components
  • Heavy at 8.1 lbs, but the shoulder strap helps you to carry the weight
  • Wet leaves occasionally clog up the unit and prevent suction

Black+Decker LB700

Black And Decker

The second of the Black and Decker models on our list, this electric leaf blower creates an airspeed of 180 mph with 180 CFM.

This is enough to deal with most leaves and debris on hard surfaces. But it’s really best for light use. If you have a lot of wet leaves to blow from your lawn it might not be the best choice as it lacks the extra power. You can also use it to blow light snow cover.

It’s one of the lightest models we’re recommending, weighing in at 4.4 lbs. Making it easy to carry without arm fatigue.

If you’re lacking in the strength to carry a heavy leaf blower and usually just have small jobs to do, then this leaf blower makes perfect sense for you to buy.

  • 180 mph
  • 180 CFM
  • Relatively quiet
  • Very lightweight—4.4 lbs
  • Good for small jobs
  • Lacks the extra power needed to easily clear a carpet of wet leaves from grass

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools BLR20085S Turbo Power Corded Electric Leaf Blower


Scotts are well known for their lawn care products. But they also do a range of high-quality garden power tools as well.

This electric leaf blower has a 2-speed control and generates a top speed of around 120 mph, with a 465 CFM.

This makes it a great tool for clearing leaves and debris from hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks. And customers also report pleasing results moving leaves off their lawn. Although it can struggle if they start to get piled up.

One complaint is that activating the boost to get the top speed involves continuously pressing the button. Which can get tiring after a while.

And another drawback is that some people find it very noisy at the highest speed setting.

But it’s fairly light at 6.1 lbs and easy for most people to carry. And for the power you get, it’s also quite an affordable model.

You can also buy it in a cordless, lithium ion battery operated version.

  • 120 mph
  • 465 CFM
  • Affordable—good value for the money
  • Fairly light—6.1 lbs
  • Loud
  • Activating the top speed setting can be tiring

WORX WG506 Electric Leaf Blower


This is the second Worx model on our shortlist and it’s one of the most popular models that the company makes.

In comparison, it’s a smaller, lighter, and less powerful model compared to the WG520. But if you’re on a tight budget it still has plenty to offer.

The 2-speed motor can generate airspeed between 130-160 mph. And the air displacement goes up to 180 CFM on the highest setting.

It’s very light at 4.4 lbs. And it’s easy to carry and use as you clear light debris and leaf fall from around your home.

But as this isn’t in the more powerful end of the market you should look elsewhere if you have larger jobs to do.

  • Good for most small cleanup jobs
  • 160 mph
  • 180 CFM
  • Affordable
  • Very light—4.4 lbs
  • Lacks power when clearing open ground or your lawn

Greenworks 24012 Electric Blower


Designed for blowing dust and debris from hard surfaces, it’s a great little corded blower for small jobs around your yard and inside your home.

With an airspeed of 160 mph and 150 CFM, it has enough power for blowing grass clippings and leaves off driveways and patios. But it’s not a good choice for clearing things off your lawn.

It’s a very light blower at 4.5 lbs. And it’s also low in vibrations. Making it easy to handle without fatigue or discomfort.

As it’s designed for use in residential areas it’s also low in noise compared to many leaf blowers.

The unit has a cord lock to help prevent your extension cord from unplugging as you move around your yard.

  • Good for cleaning debris from hard surfaces
  • Suitable for home use
  • 160 mph
  • 150 CFM
  • Affordable
  • Very light—4.5 lbs
  • Low noise
  • Single speed
  • Only useful for hard surfaces, not as effective on grass

Sun Joe SBJ597E Electric Leaf Blower

Sun Joe

This is the lightest corded leaf blower on our recommended list at just 3.9 lbs. So if you struggle with arm fatigue when using a heavier unit, this could be the right model for you.

It’s designed for clearing driveways, patios, garages, and other hard surfaces around your home. Easily removing grass clippings, leaves, pine cones, and other debris.

Other uses that happy customers have found include clearing away light snow, and blow drying your car or bike after washing.

But like other similar models above, it won’t perform as well on your lawn, and isn’t a good choice for clearing a thick carpet of leaves.

The 6 amp motor generates a maximum airspeed of 155 mph, with an air flow of 260 CFM.

It’s quite small and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. And when you’re finished the nozzle comes off easily so it doesn’t take up much space, and you can store it away in a broom closet, or deck box. Or the trunk of your car, if you want to take it with you as a portable leaf blower.

  • Good for light jobs
  • 155 mph
  • 260 CFM
  • The lightest leaf blower in our review—3.9 lbs
  • Relatively quiet
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Small and easy to store
  • Single speed
  • Lacks power

Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum

The second model by Toro on our list is another highly rated electric blower aimed at the budget end of the market.

Using the variable speed motor you can select a speed from 112 mph up to 235 mph. With a maximum CFM of 390.

It’s a good choice for clearing driveways, decking, and sidewalks of light debris. With the slower speed being useful for cleaning around tables and chairs so that the bits of debris don’t go flying off uncontrollably.

And on the highest speed setting, it’s also powerful enough to clean gutters. And it makes easy work of clearing leaves that have piled up in your garden.

It’s a good, affordable, light (7.5 lbs), and reliable leaf blower that’s great for small jobs. But if you have a large area of land to clear or a heavy build-up of debris then you might want to look for a more powerful machine.

  • Effective for small cleanup jobs
  • 235 mph
  • 390 CFM
  • Light—7.5 lbs
  • Affordable
  • Leaf dust sometimes blows from the top of the bag


Electric leaf blowers have a number of advantages over some of the other types of leaf blowers available.

Compared to battery-powered blowers they are more powerful and they won’t start to run out when you’re halfway through a job.

And compared to gas-powered leaf blowers, walk-behind leaf blowers, and backpack blowers they’re light, easier to use, and usually quieter.

So, what’s the best electric leaf blower on the market?

Our top ranked recommendation is the Toro 51621 UltraPlus It’s an excellent blower vacuum and leaf shredder. It has the power to successfully complete most jobs. Easily blowing away significant leaf coverage, as well as grass clippings after you’ve used your lawn mower. And it vacuums leaves, small twigs, and pine needles from your driveway and lawn.

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