Killing Horsetail With WD40

Most people are surprised to learn that killing horsetail with WD40 works.

Horsetail is a highly invasive weed that gives nightmares to gardeners struggling to contain its spread.

It’s incredibly persistent. Often continuing to grow for many years despite regular attempts at weed control.

Many common weed killers struggle to have an effect. And this often leaves people feeling that they’re fighting a losing battle against horsetail.

It’s not easy, but you can eradicate it. And WD40 can help you do it.

Let’s take a look at how.

Does WD40 Kill Horsetail?

WD40 is toxic to horsetail as well as any other plants you spray it on. This makes it an effective weed killer.

You can use it in place of horsetail weed killers such as Crossbow and RoundUp. But make sure to use it the right way:

First, you need to crush and bruise the leaves and stem of the horsetail weeds. Horsetail is covered by a waxy cuticle and this makes it hard for weed killers to get inside the plant.

This is one of the big reasons for the difficulty that many gardeners have when trying to control horsetail with herbicides such as glyphosate. In order for these systemic weed killers to kill horsetail they need to get to the roots. But first, they need to get past the cuticle.

After you’ve taken the horsetail plants in hand, you can spray them with WD40. Make sure they’re well soaked

One application might not be enough. Horsetail will keep growing back while the roots are alive. But if you repeat the treatment every time you see new growth it’s possible to kill the horsetail plant.

Killing Horsetail With WD40 – The Drawbacks

Although it’s effective for killing horsetail, WD40 has significant drawbacks.

Because it’s a pollutant, you have to be very careful where you spray it. WD40 is harmful to wildlife and you don’t want to get it in the soil.

WD40 will kill any desirable plants it gets on, including your turfgrass. So if you’re treating horsetail weeds in your garden it might be best not to use a sprayer.

Instead, paint it on the crushed stems and leaves. Or use a pair of rubber gloves and rub the WD40 onto the horsetail by hand.

Make sure to clear away the dead plants and carefully dispose of them.

What Are The Alternatives?

WD40 isn’t the only household solution to control horsetail. Common choices that people search for include:

But my preferred method is using the right weed killer. A specially formulated weed killer is effective at getting the job done and is easier to use around your yard.

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